The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns

Posted on: Oct 10

Creative people are known for their predispositions toward mental illnesses. The public is so accustomed to treating news of celebrity breakdowns as juicy entertainment that the seriousness of these legitimate medical conditions is overlooked. Mental illnesses do not stop being life-threatening just because certain starlets' antics seem hilarious from a distance. Other people's psychological problems should not be sources of entertainment.

Symptoms of mental illnesses are hard to see in celebrities because their actions do not differ greatly from those who are merely eccentric or arrogant. Bipolar disorder causes sufferers to be wildly erratic and emotional, which would seem to contribute toward an acting career. When talented actors start exhibiting the symptoms of bipolar disorder, people fail to notice because they are used to seeing the actors in emotional states. Narcissistic personality disorder would appear to be present in anyone who seeks a career in the public eye. Celebrities resist treatment because they are rewarded for reveling in their symptoms.

The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns

Jil Sander Malavoglia Leather Tote | Cool Blue Minimalist Deer Leather Satchel With Zipper Detail

Posted on: Sep 8

Malavoglia Leather ToteI almost never write a review about Jil Sander without using the word "minimalist," and there's a good reason for that. Her designs are so sleek and pared down that they sometimes border on boring. Unfortunately, the Malavoglia is one of those bags.

The blue color of the Malavoglia's leather is the beginning of what is keeping this bag ho-hum. It's really versatile, though, so that's a plus. I also don't particularly care for the texture of the bag, which is also a bit middle brow.

The shape of the Malavoglia is pretty interesting and more than a little inventive. It looks origami-inspired, as so many Jil Sander bags, do. But I'm not a big fan of the pull-through straps on this one, as their curviness interrupts the otherwise clean lines. I also feel a bit conflicted about the exposed zipper detail. It's an edgy addition that looks out of place within the context of the bag.

Overall, I think the Malavoglia is just a little too underthought to warrant its $1,890 price tag.

More Features Of The Jil Sander Malavoglia Leather Tote

  • 13" x 12" x 8" size
  • 4" strap drop
  • Fully lined

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Stella McCartney Falabella Faux Leather Shoulder Bag | Cheap-Looking Teal Bag With Chain Details

Posted on: Aug 25

Stella McCartney Falabella Faux Leather Shoulder BagStella McCartney has really been impressing me, lately, which is why I feel doubly disappointed right now. This new addition to the Falabella line is everything that I don't like about Stella McCartney and nothing that I do. Simply put, it's cheap and cheesy.

The faux leather material of this bag is half of the problem here. The color is faded and lackluster and the texture looks about as fake as fake gets. This is exactly why people make fun of animal friendly materials, but they don't all look like this. Stella McCartney just made a terrible choice on this one.

The shape of the bag is flat out boring. It's nothing more than a flat rectangle. I guess that might have worked out fine if they didn't add the terrible chain edging. I have liked this chain edging on other McCartney bags, but because the material looks so cheap, the chain just increases the bag's overall cheesiness. The chain link strap is totally impractical, and doesn't add to the look of the bag at all.

Basically, I find this bag so lacking in merit that you would have to pay me its $415 price tag to convince me to carry it.

More Features Of The Stella McCartney Falabella Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 9" x 6" x 1" size
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Fully lined

Get this Stella McCartney Falabella Faux Leather Shoulder Bag:

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Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder Bag | Cool And Classy Denim Bag With Braided Details

Posted on: Aug 25

Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder BagChloe is enjoying something of a revival these days. Their high class, clean cut but street smart aesthetic is really catching on. This new denim version of the Marcie is a fabulous addition to the line.

I feel a little conflicted about the material of this bag. I love denim, and I love the color, but theres something about the wash that looks a little cheesy. I wish it were a truer, more even blue, although this dark rinse looks a little dressier than your average denim. One thing that I really like about the denim material is that it keeps the cost of the bag down to a fraction of the average Chloe price tag.

The shape of the Marcie has always been one of my favorites. This petite version tops my list. The flap front looks lovely with the braided denim details and leather tassel closure. The gold hardware is what keeps the bag looking upscale and nothing at all like the countryfied denim handbags of the 1980's. Overall the look of this denim Marcie is really cool, but totally classy.

At $525, the denim Marcie is a great designer buy. It will take you from day to night in high style and with a reasonable price point.

More Features Of The Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 4" x 6" x 4" size
  • 23" strap drop
  • Fully lined

Get this Chloé Marcie Denim And Leather Bag:

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J. Furmani Crystal Clutch | Affordable Blingtastic Evening Purse

Posted on: Aug 24

J. Furmani Crystal ClutchJ. Furmani amps up the glam with its sparkly Crystal Clutch.

This purse follows in the footsteps of the crystal covered creations of high end designers like Judith Leiber and Kathrine Baumann. However, happily for J. Furmani fans, the label hasn't inflated its usual prices. At $65, it's a fraction of the cost of those luxury purses.

Of course, that low cost doesn't come without some compromises. The crystal clutch isn't studded with real crystals at all. While the big names use Austrian crystals, generally from the house of Swarovski, J. Furmani's opted for run of the mill rhinestones. It's also kept the gems on the front of the purse, and picked cheaper metal mesh on the back. As a result the purse lacks the cohesiveness of comparable models.

The design is also a bit uninspired. Where those revered designers would have played with the clutch's shape and an assortment of colored gems, J. Furmani shows no such flair.

While we all drool over those glittery designer purses, few of us have the social calendars to justify their expense. This Crystal Clutch might not hold a candle to them, but it's a decent compromise for girls on a budget.

More Features of This J. Furmani Rhinestone Covered Clutch

  • Zip closure
  • An interior slide pocket
  • A drop-in chain strap with a 22 inch drop
  • Measures 1 x 9 x 4.5 inches

Get this J. Furmani Crystal Handbag:

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Valentino Designs Noir Collection | Black Clutches & Handbags from Esteemed Fashion Designer

Posted on: Aug 23

Valentino Noir Clutch

Valentino is proving black isn't boring with its elegant new Noir capsule collection. Just in time for the fall style season, the line features all-black accessories designed to take fashion lovers from day to night.

Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo Piccioli say they were inspired to create the new all black line because they believe the neutral hue is the "irreversible sum of all colors."

The designers have certainly brought out the best in the classic shade by playing with textures. Lush leather and exotic skin bases, iconic ruthenium hardware, and lace and stud accents make sure this collection's full of show-stoppers. There are large angled tote bags and retro inspired top-handled satchels for daytime use, and dramatic box clutches for the evening.

The spread of prices is also impressive. I can't imagine many of us having the cash to indulge in the $17, 000 pieces at the top end of the range, but with prices starting at just $195 we can all afford to add a little Noir to our wardrobes.

Look for Valentino's Noir collection in the fashion house's stores and Saks Fifth Avenue this fall. What do you think of this black limited edition accessories collection?

Valentino Noir Satchels

[Source: The Bag Snob]

Black Valentino Bags on eBay

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Nina Lois Clutch | Affordable Modern Fringed Satin Bow Evening Purse

Posted on: Aug 23

Nina Lois ClutchNina serves up an affordable evening purse for less with its Lois Clutch.

The soft satiny finish is emphasized by the upswept modern bow. I love the way this feature naturally creates feminine pleats in the fabric. I'm just not so sure about the fringed edge. I suppose Nina hoped it'd look modern, but to me it just seems unfinished, almost as if Nina forgot to run it through the overlocker to prevent fraying.

If you can embrace the Lois' frayed finish, you should also appreciate its functional features. We don't expect evening purses to be very practical, but this one's long dimensions ensure it holds all the things we need on an evening out. We should be able to find them all too, even in a dim nightclub, thanks to that bold pink satin lining. The long chain strap, which converts the Lois from a clutch to a cross-body, is another practical perk.

The Lois' look won't appeal to everyone, but it's something different. That individuality is something we rarely see in a purse costing just $44.

More Features of This Nina Satin Clutch

  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Interior wall pocket
  • A drop-in chain with a 21.5 inch drop
  • Measures 1.5 x 10.2 x 5 inches

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Clava Urban Survival Backpack | Practical Tan Vachetta Leather Knapsack

Posted on: Aug 22

Clava Urban Survival BackpackMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen put backpacks back on the fashion map when their The Row label released an exotic alligator skin version last October. Despite its $39, 000 price tag the bag sold out, and we started to regard backpacks as serious style contenders rather than simply practical accessories for school kids.

Clava builds on the current popularity of the backpack with the Urban Survival. It will never go toe to toe with The Row's exotic creation, but at just $250 it's not meant to. Instead the Urban Survival is a luxury backpack at a price we can all afford.

Vachetta leather doesn't have the same dramatic allure of patent alligator skin, but it's buttery soft and very sophisticated. The neutral colors, including this classic tan, help the Urban Survival suit any situation. With so many designers creating backpacks with loud colors and prints, this more subdued alternative fills a more elegant niche.

While style is at the forefront, Clava doesn't forget about the backpack's practical roots. The Urban Survival has plenty of pockets, inside and out, and an ample amount of space. The drawstring gives the backpack a relaxed look, while the magnetic strap offers extra security. Side snaps help the Urban Survival collapse for easy storage, although a bag with such evergreen styling probably won't be packed away for long!

The Urban Survival is a great representation of a modern backpack, an accessory which can take us from the classroom to the office.

More Features of This Clava Vachetta Leather Backpack

  • Fully lined main compartment
  • Measures 7.5 x 14 x 13 inches

Get this Clava Urban Survival Handbag:

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Balenciaga & Grace Coddington Create Pumpkin Collection | Limited Edition Accessories for Fashion’s Night Out

Posted on: Aug 22

Balenciaga Pumpkin Papier ToteBalenciaga has teamed up with Grace Coddington on a limited edition accessories line which will make its debut on Fashion's Night Out.

The Pumpkin collection features drawn images of the Vogue creative director's beloved cat Pumpkin. The cartoon kitty wears apparel from the Balenciaga vault on the line's tote bag and pair of scarves.

Being bag lovers here, we're most interested in the Pumpkin Papier Tote, a reimagining of Balenciaga's popular Papier Tote. It's crafted from canvas and leather and available in your choice of orange or ecru. It's also super expensive at $1000.

We're certainly balking at the price, despite its whimsical pattern and limited edition status. If you're teetering, perhaps the collection's charity component will tip you over the edge. One fifth of the proceeds from every sale will benefit the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. It seems a strange choice of charity, as anything operating in the Hamptons probably isn't hurting for a dollar, but I support the affluent area's animals need rescuing too!

The Pumpkin tote and scarves will make their debut at Fashion's Night Out, September 6, at Balenciaga's Los Angeles and New York stores. New Yorkers are in for an extra treat, as Grace Coddington herself will appear at the Big Apple store between 6 and 9 pm on the big night. Do you think Pumpkin will call in too?

[Source: Fashionista]

Balenciaga Papier Bags on eBay

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Michael Phelps Stars in Louis Vuitton Core Values Commercial | Olympic Swimmer Poses with Record-Breaking Gymnast

Posted on: Aug 21

Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton Core Values Commercial

Swimming superstar Michael Phelps is the latest big name tapped for Louis Vuitton's Core Values advertising campaign. It's no big surprise really, as an image of the record-breaking Olympic medallist in a bathtub next to a Louis Vuitton bag was leaked online last week. However we've now got our first official look at the commercial.
Phelps poses with fellow Olympian Larisa Latynina, a gymnast who won 18 medals for the Russian Federation between 1956 and 1964. The juxtaposition is poignant, as Latynina held the record for the most number of Olympic medals for 48 years, until Phelps took his total to 22 at the London Games. Don't feel too sorry for the old dear though; she still holds the record for medals in individual events at 14. With Phelps now enjoying retirement, it seems her tally is safe for the moment.

Phelps and Latynina follow in the large footsteps of Muhammed Ali, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Buzz Aldrin, and other Core Values ambassadors. This might be one of Louis Vuitton's best campaigns, as it brings together two true Olympic legends at a poignant moment in their careers. It's like a changing of the guard if you will, and that message transcends mere advertising.

What do you think of Louis Vuitton's latest Core Values commercial?

[Source: The Purse Blog]

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