Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder Bag | Cool And Classy Denim Bag With Braided Details

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Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder Bag

Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder BagChloe is enjoying something of a revival these days. Their high class, clean cut but street smart aesthetic is really catching on. This new denim version of the Marcie is a fabulous addition to the line.

I feel a little conflicted about the material of this bag. I love denim, and I love the color, but theres something about the wash that looks a little cheesy. I wish it were a truer, more even blue, although this dark rinse looks a little dressier than your average denim. One thing that I really like about the denim material is that it keeps the cost of the bag down to a fraction of the average Chloe price tag.

The shape of the Marcie has always been one of my favorites. This petite version tops my list. The flap front looks lovely with the braided denim details and leather tassel closure. The gold hardware is what keeps the bag looking upscale and nothing at all like the countryfied denim handbags of the 1980’s. Overall the look of this denim Marcie is really cool, but totally classy.

At $525, the denim Marcie is a great designer buy. It will take you from day to night in high style and with a reasonable price point.

More Features Of The Chloe Marcie Denim And Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 4″ x 6″ x 4″ size
  • 23″ strap drop
  • Fully lined