The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns

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Creative people are known for their predispositions toward mental illnesses. The public is so accustomed to treating news of celebrity breakdowns as juicy entertainment that the seriousness of these legitimate medical conditions is overlooked. Mental illnesses do not stop being life-threatening just because certain starlets’ antics seem hilarious from a distance. Other people’s psychological problems should not be sources of entertainment.

Symptoms of mental illnesses are hard to see in celebrities because their actions do not differ greatly from those who are merely eccentric or arrogant. Bipolar disorder causes sufferers to be wildly erratic and emotional, which would seem to contribute toward an acting career. When talented actors start exhibiting the symptoms of bipolar disorder, people fail to notice because they are used to seeing the actors in emotional states. Narcissistic personality disorder would appear to be present in anyone who seeks a career in the public eye. Celebrities resist treatment because they are rewarded for reveling in their symptoms.

The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns