Kate Bosworth Designs Boutique Bags | New Accessories for JewelMint Collection

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Kate Bosworth

Kate BosworthActress Kate Bosworth has launched a new accessories collection for her label, JewelMint. While JewelMint focused exclusively on jewelry, the 13-piece Boutique line features belts, jewelry-inspired bags, clutch purses, and jewelry.

Boutique and JewelMint are both the joint endeavors of Bosworth and her long-time stylist Cher Coulter. The pairing seems to be working, as Bosworth recently told WWD that they are “never at a loss for inspiration. Traveling so often allows me to observe what is different in the world; both in a contemporary sense and also by exploring vintage markets and shops.

She added that the most rewarding part of creating a fashion line is spotting others wearing her pieces. Although wearing them herself must also be a perk. Bosworth was recently snapped carrying the Boutique Metal Envelope Bag.

The Boutique line is affordably priced for women on a budget. The cheapest pieces start at $60, and the most expensive are still reasonable at $90. You can shop for the Boutique collection now on JewelMint.com, but you’ll need to create your free style profile with the website first.

What do you think of Kate Bosworth’s latest accessories? Are you glad to see her expand her collection to include handbags, or do you think she should stick to acting?

[Source: Digital Spy]


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