Launer’s Olympic Lydia Bags | New Metallic Purses for London Games

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Launer Olympic Lydia

Launer Olympic LydiaLauner is getting into the Olympic spirit with a capsule collection of three handbags inspired by the games’ medals.

Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite handbag brand is usually quite staid, but the label shows its flashier side with these metallic patent calf leather Lydia purses. As you might expect, the trio features a gold, a silver, and a bronze handbag. The Lydia has been one of Launer’s flagship designs since its introduction 18 years ago, so it was probably time for a bold makeover!

The Queen might be a Launer lover, but I’m not sure whether she’ll warm to its new limited edition purses. She usually carries the conservative Diva and Traviata styles in black after all. She carried a Lydia to William and Kate’s wedding last year, but in white it was still much tamer than these new bags. Do you think the Queen might indulge in one of these flashy Launer creations for London’s Olympic Games?

Launer is such an intrinsically British brand (from its manufacturing plant in Birmingham to its relationship with the Queen and its long-standing customers), so it was only right with all eyes on the country this year, that Launer be part of that in a big way,” a Launer spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

Launer’s trio of medal inspired Lydia purses will hit its website on July 27, which is not so coincidentally the same day as London’s Olympic Games opening ceremony. Gold, silver, or bronze; it makes no difference to the price. Each one will cost ₤665.

[Source: Daily Mail]