Handbag Secrets of Queen Elizabeth II | What’s In The British Monarch’s Bag?

Posted on: Feb 6

Have you ever wondered what's inside Queen Elizabeth II's bag, or where the British monarch buys her purses? Wonder no more!

If you thought all of The Queen's bags looked alike, you'd be right. She's fiercely loyal to English luxury brand Launer. Most of the bags cost more than $1000, and those customized to her tastes are even pricier than that! While the royal budget could surely handle some exotics, Queen Elizabeth's tastes are much more conservative. Most of the purses are made from black calfskin and have a classic box shape.

Queen Elizabeth II knows how to treat her luxury bags right. In fact, she insists that all desks and tables in her residences be fitted with purse hooks!

She also carries a removable purse hook inside her handbag, but that's not all. Among other handbag staples, the Queen carries mints, a make-up compact, a handkerchief, treats for her beloved corgis, and a few crossword puzzles to pass the time.

No mere pieces of arm candy, The Queen's bags are powerful communication tools. If she switches arms, her servants know she wants to leave. If you spot her sitting her bag on the floor, that means she's bored by the conversation! I'm tempted to try these tricks myself!

[Source: Bag That Style]
[Image Source: Pete Souza/Wikipedia Commons]

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