Marc by Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Medium Leather Tote | Super Cool Cherry Red Convertible Carryall

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Marc By Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Medium Leather Tote

Marc By Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Medium Leather ToteHistorically, the Marc by Marc Jacobs line has been a combination of high fashion and classic Americana. This Burg Boxer keeps true to the line’s roots with its cutting edge convertibility and traditional feminine charm.

The cherry red leather on the Burg is a real standout. Literally, it will put a needed pop of color in your wardrobe. But it’s also kind of sedate and laid back. Fashion, thankfully, seems to be moving away from ultra-brights and into more reasonable (and wearable) territory. The leather is butter soft, but still durable, which makes it the perfect storm of handbag materials. I love the total lack of ornamentation that keeps the surface clean and minimal.

The shape of the Burg is what really makes the bag unique. It starts out as a sort of petite satchel, but the sides unzip to create a large, but still manageably-sized tote. It’s the best of both worlds, and very well designed in both incarnations. There’s a removable shoulder strap that keeps it carryable.

For $460 you basically get two handbags in one, and both of them are super cool. Kudos, Marc Jacobs.

More Features Of The Marc By Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Tote

  • 17″ x 9″ x 6″ size
  • Interior zippered pocket
  • Fully lined in designer stamper satin

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