Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Predicted to Rise | Investment Potential of Evolving Fashion House

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Mouse HandVintage Yves Saint Laurent handbags and other items are set to become even more covetable as the fashion house ushers in a new era.

Christos Garkinos of iconic vintage fashion boutique Decades says pieces from past seasons always become “more collectible” when a label hires a new creative director, as Yves Saint Laurent has done with Hedi Slimane. But when a label completely rebrands in the wake of such an appointment, as Yves Saint Laurent is doing with its shift to Saint Laurent Paris, those vintage lines are bound to increase exponentially in value.

I strongly believe that the makeover of the brand will increase the value of neo-vintage [from the] Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati era as well as true vintage [from the] Yves Saint Laurent era,” Garkinos predicted.

His business partner Cameron Silver agreed, adding that investors should look for items displaying the original YSL or Yves Saint Laurent logo. Promotional pieces or unusual objects like table art and costume jewelry featuring these marques should be especially valuable. However apparel items are not expected to show any real growth, as these pieces rarely show prominent logos.

It sounds like enterprising fashion lovers should start watching eBay now for some investment pieces. Once that logo changes, those prices will undoubtedly start to rise!

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: Anthony Thomas/Stock.xchng]