Vans Hello Kitty Collage Backpack | Fun Cartoon Character Knapsack

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Vans Hello Kitty Collage Backpack

Vans Hello Kitty Collage BackpackVans helps us get in touch with our inner children with this fun Hello Kitty Collage Backpack.

Any bag featuring Sanrio’s cartoon cat could easily appear a bit juvenile. But by using the outline of the character’s face to create a kind of collage, Vans has cleverly made the Japanese cartoon a bit more grown up. I’m not sure sophisticated women will embrace it, but it should become a favorite amongst older teens and twenty-something college kids. And they’re likely to be the only ones wanting to carry a backpack anyway!

This Hello Kitty Collage Backpack isn’t the best of its type on the market, but it ticks all the major boxes. Its main compartment is amply sized for textbooks, lunchboxes, and school supplies. And if you’re still craving storage room, there’s that generously sized front pocket. I can’t imagine using the grab handle on the top of the bag, but I love those adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

Its cotton polyester blend shell isn’t the most luxurious, but it’s a hardy fabric that should survive daily punishment. And really that’s the best we can hope for at this price. At $38, this fun backpack is a real bargain.

More Features of This Vans Cartoon Backpack

  • Polyester lined interior
  • Measures 12 x 4.5 x 16 inches