No More Yves for Saint Laurent Paris | Fashion House Changes Name

Posted on: Jun 24

Yves Saint Laurent BagYves Saint Laurent's newly minted creative director Hedi Slimane seems determined to shake things up. He's led the push to rechristen the fashion house as Saint Laurent Paris.

Notably press surrounding the name change has pointed to the shortened moniker being adopted for its forthcoming ready-to-wear line, which makes us wonder whether it'll be rolled out to other sectors of Yves Saint Laurent's business. The logo with the interlocking YSL is so recognizable that it seems risky to change it. Yves Saint Laurent's handbags have also featured the letter Y prominently in recent years. With the fashion world moving away from obvious branding, the clever way the letter became part of the Cabas ChYc and Easy Bag's designs was inspired.

It's uncertain how the newly christened Saint Laurent Paris will handle the transition. Perhaps the shift to the new name will be gradually rolled out beyond the label's apparel line. That'll give consumers some time to adjust, but it may also prove confusing. Perhaps Saint Laurent Paris is simply better off starting fresh with the brand new name utilized in all areas of the fashion house.

If you love those Y-focused Yves Saint Laurent bags, perhaps you'd better snap one up soon. Goodness knows how long that letter will be the centrepiece of its accessories range!

[Source: Purse Blog]

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