V73 Releases Hermes Birkin Tote | New Handbag Tempts Lawsuit

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V73 Hermes Birkin Totes

V73 Hermes Birkin Totes
It seems V73 learned nothing after Hermes went after Thursday Friday. Just like the other cheeky fashion house, V73 has emblazoned its latest canvas tote with the iconic image of the Hermes Birkin bag.

There was a tongue in cheek cleverness about the way Thursday Friday attempted to create a Birkin alternative for cash-strapped fashionistas. However this time around I simply feel that I’ve seen it all before.
And something tells me we’re about to feel even more déjà vu, because this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If you remember Hermes sued Thursday Friday for trademark infringement. The company settled out of court and removed the offending bags from shelves.

The V73 totes seem to feature more of an artistic impression of a Birkin rather than a photo of the It bag, but I’m not sure that’ll appease Hermes’ lawyers. The concept is identical to the Thursday Friday tote, so I’m sure there’ll be similar legal ramifications. It’s inevitable these totes will be pulled from sale, so if you’re smitten you should snap one up from Luisa Via Roma for $265. Considering Thursday Friday charged a third of that price I think these are a bit steep, but they’re still only a fraction of the cost of an authentic Birkin bag!