Thursday Friday’s New Together Bag | Screenprinted Hermes Birkin Tote

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Together Bag

Together BagAre you lusting after a Birkin but barely able to pay the rent? Thursday Friday may have the solution with its new Together Bag.

This tote is cheekily screen-printed with the image of a Birkin bag. We’re not too sure what Hermes makes of it, but I’ll bet it’s not hurting the French fashion house’s bottom line.

The attention to detail impresses me the most here. The iconic It bag is printed on both the front, back, bottom, and sides, thus creating a fabulous trompe l’oeil from any angle!

Thursday Friday designers Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska say their desire for a purse ready to work in any situation inspired them to create the Together Bag.

We realized that we were using an extra bag to supplement our ‘real’ bags,Sholomytska told The New York Times. “So we ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but is ultimately an anti-status status symbol.

The Together Bag is a lot easier on the wallet than a Birkin too; you can pick one up for just $35. But just like the real Birkin, don’t expect to get your hands on one any time soon. Like the It bag it emulates, the Together Bag already has a lengthy waiting list!

[Source: Coquette]