Thursday Friday Release Balenciaga Totes | New Moto Bags Tempt Lawsuit

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Thursday Friday Moto Totes

Thursday Friday Moto Totes

Months have gone by since the release of Thursday Friday’s Chanel style Together Totes, and still there’s no sign of a lawsuit. It seems that’s made the company a bit bolder, because now it’s created a new Together Tote range emblazoned with the image of a Balenciaga bag.

The new Moto collection includes small pouches called Here Bags, mid-sized Together Totes, and the large Super Together handbags. Each one features the iconic image of Balenciaga’s Moto bag against a natural canvas background. A range of colors are available, with prices starting at $35 and topping $95. That makes them a great deal cheaper than the genuine articles!

I fully expected Chanel to sue Thursday Friday over the 2.55 Flap Bag style totes, just as Hermes did when the label released bags bearing the image of the Birkin. However, perhaps the budget fashion house is getting smarter. The Chanel style tote didn’t feature the interlocking C clasp or the famed fashion house’s logo, so perhaps it stopped just short of truly infringing copyright. In the same way the new Moto totes don’t have any Balenciaga branding, although the hardware and styling is pretty unmistakable.

Do you expect Balenciaga to sue over Thursday Friday’s latest It Bag illustrated totes?