Thursday Friday Rips Off Chanel | New Together Totes Tempt Copyright Lawsuit

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Thursday Friday Chanel Together Bags

Thursday Friday Chanel Together Bags

Thursday Friday doesn’t seem nervous about law suits. Fresh from a private settlement with Hermes over its Together Totes, Thursday Friday has launched a brand new edition featuring the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. The launch seems to dare Chanel to start legal proceedings!

There are three different versions this time around: the small Pouch bags, the mid-sized Together totes, and the large Super Together tote. The Pouch costs $35, the Together is $65, and the Super Together tops the range at $90.

At first glance it seems a bit silly to release another range that courts a copyright infringement suit. This really is the Birkin decorated Together tote all over again.

But maybe there’s method to the madness. After all, we were all talking about the first Together tote. All that free advertising must have helped Thursday Friday net enough coin to settle with Hermes and still stay in business. Perhaps it hopes that the latest release will generate the same kind of buzz, law suits be damned! Is this a case of insanity or simply a canny marketing ploy?

If you want to grab one of the new Together bags before the Chanel lawyers inevitably start knocking you can find it at the Thursday Friday website.

[Source: The Purse Blog]