Juicy Couture Generation Y ‘From Juicy with Love’ Tote | Extra Large Hot Pink Canvas Bag

Posted on: May 28

Juicy Couture never has a problem branding their products with large logos and phrases. You only have to look at the Baby Fluffy or Choose Juicy handbags to know that.

It's fairly blatant with no attempt to hide their marketing attempts, but there's always someone who digs the brand's signature style. I wouldn't call myself a Juicy fan, though there are a few exceptions like the Small Bowler that catch my interest. That being said, they've got their look down pat, and tons of women come running for flashy, catchphrase-covered bags just like this Generation Y From Juicy with Love tote.

It's nothing if not loud, and some might even call it gaudy. However, it's exactly what I expect from Juicy and just what some shoppers love about them. The screenprinted phrase "From Juicy, with Love" has a nice ring to it, I suppose. I'll at least give the brand some credit for their attempt to include correct punctuation.

As far as canvas totes go, however, there's not much to set this Generation Y bag apart from the rest besides its extra-large size. It's certainly a convenient accessory to have around for those days you need a handbag to throw extra stuff in like market purchases, beach items, or gym clothes.

I'm not sure if this tote is worthy of its $78 price tag, but you have to remember that you're paying extra for the Juicy logo plastered on it as well as the bag's slightly enormous size. If the price range isn't an issue, however, but you'd prefer something sturdier, logo-free, and (dare I say) cuter, you might want to check out The Sak's Pax Eco Canvas Tote instead.

More Features of this Generation Y Tote

  • Measures 20 x 15 x 10 inches
  • Canvas fabric with screenprinting
  • Glittery 'kiss' on logo phrase

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