Gucci Indy Bag | Chic Celebrity Favorite Python It Purse

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When style icons like Kyle Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton, and Eva Longoria proudly carry a purse, you know it’s a winner. It’s little wonder that this chic Indy bag from Gucci is one of their favorites.

Those long tassels give the Indy a casually-cool vibe, helping it make the transition from day to night. The slouchy style is another bohemian touch, which seems at odds with the luxurious chocolate brown snakeskin finish and structured handles. The Indy is a mass of contradictions, yet somehow the style elements work in harmony.

The chunky steering wheel handles are an Indy trademark, but expect their appeal to sour quickly. The handles are made from beech wood and covered in leather, so they’re far from light. Neither are those studded corner plates. They might add strength, but they also ensure the Indy’s a real heavyweight.

I’ve heard many say the solid handles cut into your arm, so don’t be surprised if you ditch them in favor of the detachable shoulder strap. You’ll still be weighed down, but you’ll be marginally more comfortable.

But they say beauty is pain, right? You’ll feel it in more than your arm though, with this python version costing more than $4200 retail. That’s a whole world of agony in this current economic climate, so you’d better start saving your pennies!

More Features of This Gucci Python Purse

  • Measures 17.5 x 12 x 5.5 inches
  • Comes with a Gucci authenticity card and dust bag


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