9 Weird & Wonderful Wallets & Card Holders

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Your Wallet: You carry it everywhere, whip it out in front of complete strangers and keep highly senstive personal credit cards inside it. Your wallet can say more about you than you realize.

Now I just wonder what these wallets say about the people who own them?

1. All Silver ACM Wallet

Just as cheap as traditional wallets, this ACM Wallet has a certain touch of industrial design but at a price that you can afford in these turbulent economic times. It’s got a silky smooth surface, is scratch resistant, and is the next generation of personal finance organisation.

2. Dr. Who and The Daleks Sci-Fi Credit Card Wallet

If you don want something that looks like it has come straight out of a sci-fi film and want a solid credit card holder that can take everyday day wear and tear, this virtually indestructible Darlek inspired case is perfect. One thing is for sure: this is a wallet that will spice up the life of your otherwise staid 0% credit card that has had no action since you filled it up with all the debt accrued from your last shopping spree!

3. Red Bird

This unusual hand made credit card and business card is both funky, cheap and may even inspire you to make your own purse! Until then, or if you want to give the item as a gift, the red leather purse is ideal for keeping cards organised in a bigger bag, or as a minimal wallet that won’t allow you to stuff it with receipts and other clutter.

4. Owl Felt

This handmade wool and felt credit card holder can take up to five credit cards, without any falling out. So abandon your huge wallet, throw out your receipts and save some space with this stylish but cheap and cheerful design.

5. Hippo

This eye-catching credit card wallet makes for an excellent and cheap present. The Hippo design card case is stabilised to protect your cards, and comes with cutes vintage buttons and rainbow edge design. You don’t have to pay big bucks to find cool accessories when you opt for the handmade designs, which means you’ll have more cash to spend on things you need – like handbags!

6. Jimi

The funky and modern Jimi wallet is aimed at those who hate bulky wallets and are searching for something much simpler that wouldn’t be a magnet for the usual paper notes and receipts that wallets tend to acquire over time. Jimi is a next generation wallet – stylish, compact and simple. What’s more, you can pick on up at Amazon for a very good price.

7. 3 in 1 Calculator

Those going for the retro look, or wanting a wallet useful at markets, sales, or in foreign countries, should take a look at this somewhat quirky creation! This old-school wallet and calculator combo might save you money and actually be something of real every day use.

8. Blue Indium Wallet

Another simple, affordable and compact holder with a practical zipped design, the Blue Indium Wallet looks like it would hold up well to rugged usage. A sharp eye-catching design and well-built product, this will be one of the last wallets you’ll ever need!

9. Anuschka

If you’re looking to splash out, or are looking for a gift that a loved one will cherish, check out the Anuschka wallet from Norm Thompson. This hand-painted and signed credit card holder will gradually soften with use, so the leather will look better and better the more you use it! There’s a chance you might even save a money: it’s so retro you might not want to buy another wallet again!

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