Prada Smoking Lips Wallet | Unusual Red Leather Purse

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Prada Smoking Lips Wallet

Prada Smoking Lips WalletPrada seems strangely out of step with fashion with its Smoking Lips Wallet.

Gone are the days when cigarettes dangled alluring from every actor’s lips and lighting a smoke for an attractive woman was considered an intimate act. These days smokers are shunned, social pariahs forced to stand away from the group to indulge in their filthy habit. The practice is no longer cool or fashionable, so why do we see a pair of pouting lips provocatively puffing away on this Prada wallet?

I really can’t answer the question. It’s not just the pop art rendering that makes this graphic feel dated. Rather than lifting this fairly unremarkable wallet to the next level, it drags it down.

Of course this Prada purse is well made. We’d expect nothing less from this esteemed fashion house. It’s crafted from high quality red leather, and its zippers move smoothly through their teeth. It’s packed with the pockets and card slots we’d expect, and lined with hardy nylon. And perhaps most importantly, it bears the Prada name. But I can’t imagine that’s enough to convince most modern girls to spend $580 on this dated wallet.

More Features of This Prada Red Wallet

  • Polished gold-toned hardware
  • Double expanding interior
  • Measures 7.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Made in Italy

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