Credit Card Wallets for 2008 – The Fashionable Conversation Starter

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Grandad might have preferred the classic black leather wallet for carrying his cash and cards, but why have bland in your hand when you can funk it up?

Credit card holders, wallets and cases are an everyday item you might find yourself stuck with for years (until that stressful day when you finally lose it). If it’s with you day in and day out you may as well get a wallet that is a little bit different and somewhat stylish. Pulling these wallets out at the bar is a sure conversation starter.

1. Vendula Hearts All Around Card Case

Hearts All Around

This quirky accessories company was founded in 2003, and prides itself on its passion for fashion. Set up to plug the gap in the market for interesting and accessible accessories, Vendula firmly believes looking stylish doesn’t mean you need to break the bank, meaning its entire range is original and affordable. The Hearts All Around card case is hand-sewn to look like a notebook – complete with a spiral spine and matching clasp – and is available in grey, black, bronze or nude. It measures 10cm by 7.5cm, and is a perfect snip for daughters and young girls at just £7.

[Available at]

2. Loop Mini Cassette Purse

Mini Cassette

Perfect for all the music-lovers out there, this pocket-sized wallet is an exact replica of a cassette tape. It’s just big enough to squeeze in all those 0% credit cards, and is available in black or grey for more retiring types, or hot pink for those who love to be looked at. It measures 11.5cm by 8cm, and at £10 it won’t break the bank.

[Available at Urban Outfitters and eBay]

3. Boden Fab Wallet

Boden Fab Wallet

While this might not be the quirkiest case on the list, the craftsmanship and colour more than make up for the slightly stayed design. Anyone who’s tried to find a wallet which is slightly out of the ordinary knows that even the funkiest-shaped purses are usually only made in black or brown. Step forward the Boden Fab Wallet, crafted from animal print hair on cow hide outer with leather interior. At 435 it’s not cheap, but it has no fewer than 8 slots for cards and will keep its shape for years. It measures 19.5 by 10.5cm.

[Available at and BodenUSA]

4. Radley Incognito Wallet

Radley Incognito

This card wallet is super slim and stylish and made of top quality leather and is ideal for the practical and stylish woman. It’s available in bright red and pale pink – as well as less exciting black – but it’s not just the fabulous colour which makes this wallet stand out in the crowd. It is decorated with a small Scottish Terrier dog, and while that might not suit everyone it is certainly different. The wallet measures 13.5cm by 10.5cm, is packed with card holder slots and costs £40.

[Available at]

5. Urbancode Antique Gold Leather Wallet


Urbancode prides itself on its ability to design practical yet super-stylish and sophisticated accessories and offers exceptional quality at non-scary prices. This gold wallet is so on-season it hurts: metallic and with tassels, buckles and studs it’s a hot choice for sophisticated women. You won’t find anything else like it on the market. Made of soft leather and designed to be ultra slim, it measures 18cm by 10cm and costs £29.

[Available at]

6. Ducti Classic Hybrid Striper Reflective


Finally a man’s wallet and a very unusual tone at that! Ducti manufactures a range of bags and wallets from super duct tape. That’s right, the very same industrial tape plumbers and other craftsmen use to stick things together. Don’t let the unconventional material put you off though, these wallets are some on the coolest out there. Silver with a reflective stripe, and also available with black or red dots or blue or yellow stripes, these credit card holders measure 9cm by 11cm and are just £16.95.

[Available at and]

7. Jimi Wallet

Jimi Wallet

Cool it may not be, but the Jimi Wallet certainly ticks the ‘weird’ box. More popular with men and made entirely of plastic, this card case was dreamed up as a way to ensure holders’ cards are entirely protected. No more cracked or broken cards if you carry a Jimi Wallet ñ the revolutionary design encases cards in tough, water-resistant plastic meaning they are always protected. The slim design means it is able to slip easily into pockets, and it’s available in black, blue or clear plastic for £9.95.

[Available at]

More Funky Wallets on eBay:

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  1. I love wallets… I have found myself a bit addicted to Credit card holder boxes as well, a lot less “stuff in there”, but they dont look as good though…

    Xx Sarah

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