WANT Les Essentiels de la Via Releases Olympic Tote Bags | Limited Edition O’Hare Bags for London Games

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WANT les Essentiels de la vie O'Hare Totes

WANT les Essentiels de la vie O'Hare Totes

WANT Les Essentiels de la Via is getting into the Olympic spirit with the release of a new line of limited edition tote bags.

The O’Hare totes are available in six color combinations which feature the hues of the Olympic rings and the white of the Games’ flag. Each one is crafted from heavy organic cotton canvas accented with Italian calf leather. Inside you’ll find contrasting colored mesh lining and a selection of practical pockets. A commemorative hangtag will serve as a reminder of London’s 2012 games.

The Olympic Games is one the most compelling pursuits of excellence that exists in sport and representative of life itself,” WANT Les Essentiels de la Via said in a press release. “The metaphors surrounding the Olympic Games are shared by the brand’s core values” world cooperation, international compatibility and peak performance have been incorporated into the design of the bag.

To compare the metaphors of the Olympic Games to WANT Les Essentiels de la Via’s core values seems to be overstating the point a bit, but I can’t blame the label for trying to cash in on the Olympics hysteria. Can you?

The WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Olympic O’Hare totes are available now at Barney’s stores.

Are you a fan of these Olympic Games inspired tote bags?

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