Michael Kors Gia Saddle Colorblock Leather Shoulder Bag | Crisp Handbag in Cool Summer Hues

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Michael Kors Gia Saddle Color Block Leather Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors Gia Saddle Color Block Leather Shoulder BagMichael Kors has done a lot for American fashion. Besides Project Runway, I mean. His clean, trendy approach to design is accessible and wearable. This Gia bag is a great example of his work.

I am totally nuts for the color palette on the Gia. I’m not a big fan of tan, but when you mix it with teal and taupe, it makes sense. The way the colors are blocked and striped gives the Gia a sporty but still classy look. The discrete hardware allows the leather to take center stage.

The traditional shape and design of the Gia are another winning move. The multi pocketed design is practical and beautiful. The only thing I don’t really like about the bag is the size. If it was a bit smaller, it would be easier to pull off. But as it stands, it comes off as a bit clunky.

Overall, this is a solid designer purchase at $895. If you can handle its girth, then it’s definitely worthwhile.

More Features Of The Michael Kors Gia Saddle Block Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 10 x 9″” x 2″ size
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Fully lined