Walmart Refuses to Settle in Lead Handbag Court Case

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A year after the Center for Environmental Health filed a lawsuit against many major retailers for selling lead-tainted handbags and wallets, almost half have settled with the Californian watchdog.

Major retailers like Target, Kmart, Macy’s, and Sears are all prepared to comply with new restrictions which will limit the use of lead in accessories. But Walmart is notably dragging its feet.

It’s an extraordinary move for the company who is also the world’s third largest purchaser of organic cotton. If it hopes to gain any eco-cred at all, it has to get rid of the lead. That’s particularly true when it comes to accessories marketed at children, such as the Miley Cyrus range. A Walmart-sold Miley Cyrus wallet contains more than 30 times the legal lead limit, even though no amount of lead is regarded as safe for children. Pregnant women are also particularly at risk when carrying bags containing lead.

If you’re concerned about the levels of lead in your accessories I suggest avoiding PVC and opting for more luxurious alternatives. It might hurt your hip pocket, but surely that’s better than hurting your health.

[Source: Ecouterre]
[Image Source: NNECAPA/Flickr]

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