Victoria Beckham Under Attack From PETA | Designer’s Exotic Skin Sources Questioned

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Victoria Beckham LG

Victoria Beckham LGPETA and other animal rights groups have Victoria Beckham in their sights again. Her love of exotic skins has never earned her any brownie points with these organizations. However it’s her failure to disclose her sources that has recently angered the groups.

The animal groups fear that this lack of disclosure indicates Beckham’s sources may not follow ethical guidelines. These guidelines are in place to stamp out the cruelty seen in some reptile farms. In these establishments it’s not uncommon to see animals kept in over-crowded tanks, and beaten to death rather than killed humanely.

There are little real facts to go on, but Beckham’s silence is making people think she’s got something to hide. PETA has chosen its words very carefully, suggesting not that Beckham has evil intent but that she may simply be “misinformed” on the issue.

The closest we’ve come to any real statement is Beckham’s comment, issued through a spokesperson, that the information is “confidential.” With Beckham debuting her spring/summer 2012 collection in New York this Sunday, I can’t see the speculation dying down any time soon.

Staying mum on some business practices simply makes good sense, but when it starts to undermine the brand as it’s doing here I think it’s only smart to break the silence. What do you think?

[Image Source: LGEPR/Wikipedia Commons]