J. Furmani Classic Pleated Satin Clutch | Affordable Chocolate Brown Evening Purse

Posted on: Sep 8

J Furmani Pleated ClutchJ. Furmani gives us a stylish satin purse with a surprisingly affordable price tag with this pleated clutch.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised by the cheap as chips price. This is J. Furmani after all, a label which prides itself on its accessible evening accessories. Personally I think this is one of the fashion house's chicest designs. The tight pleating brings an exciting texture to its satin body. Satin is an almost mundane choice for evening purses, but the pleats make the material seem fresh. I also really like the chocolate brown color, and the way it complements the brassy frame.

This clutch is long but slender, so it'll require careful packing to hold everything you need on an evening out. Its storage space is further compromised when we tuck the chain strap inside, although I suppose we should be glad we have one. When we pay just $24 for a handbag we don't take any features for granted.

To some degree we get what we pay for. The lining feels cheap, and the workmanship isn't as high quality as we'd find in a high end designer purse. But it's important to remember that we're not paying for one. It may not last for a long time, but it also won't cost a lot to replace.

More Features of This J. Furmani Satin Clutch

  • Interior open pocket
  • A chain strap with a 7 inch drop
  • Measures 0.2 x 9.5 x 4 inches

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