Victoria Beckham Steps Out with a New Birkin | Hermes Collection Now Worth More Than a Million Pounds

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We have a new reason to envy Victoria Beckham. The former Spice Girl doesn’t just have a sexy husband and three adorable sons; she’s also got a brand new Birkin.

The artist formerly known as Posh stepped out recently carrying the Bordeaux porosus crocodile Birkin, which has a value of £24,740. The lustworthy accessory is thought to be a Christmas gift from her footballer hubby David.

This is just the latest Birkin in Vicky’s Hermes collection, which has an estimated worth of £1.5 million. She reportedly has hundreds of the bags in a variety of colors and leathers to suit her every outfit. I know I’ve seen plenty, and that’s just the ones snappers have caught!

Any bag approaching 25 thou would be the jewel of my collection, but not Victoria. This is actually a bit of a step down from the Birkin David bought her in the Christmas of 2008. That year he gifted her with a diamond-studded silver Himalayan Birkin. The bag, which cost a whopping £80, 000, is one of only three in the world.

I am officially jealous!

[Image Source: Jingdianmeinv1/Flickr]