The Row Makes Pricey Patchwork Fur Purse | Luxury Love or Overpriced Monstrosity?

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The Row Patchwork Bag

The Row Patchwork BagMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen love creating high priced items for their The Row label. Following on from the jaw-dropping $39, 000 alligator backpack they released last year, the sisters have created a bold patchwork fur bag. This statement piece from The Row’s pre-fall collection is much cheaper than that much-talked about backpack, but at $17, 000 it’s still no bargain.

Of course, the impending release of this bag has already created a buzz online. Celebrity stylist and fledgling designer Rachel Zoe has already voiced her support for the bag.

Pretty in patchwork, The Row’s posh pack combines comfort and class,” she recently wrote on her The Zoe Report blog. “The fuzzy texture on this nifty knapsack is also a fashion favorite.

And if you’re wondering what to wear this unique purse with, Zoe offers some suggestions there too. Apparently “a blush blouse, skinny jeans, and a bold boot,” will set it off nicely.

We must admit though, we can’t see what Zoe sees. It just looks like a mess of fur, a discordant design that’s downright ugly. I could understand anyone with the means indulging in that alligator backpack, but I wouldn’t carry this bag if you paid me!

If you are a fan though, it’s worth noting that the style is also available in polished black calfskin and glossy black alligator. Prices haven’t been released for these versions, but nothing The Row creates is on the budget end. Considering its last notable alligator creation topped five figures, I’m expecting some whopping price tags.