Tepper Jackson Getaway Carryall Tote | Large Floral Travel Bag

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Tepper Jackson Getaway Carryall Tote

Tepper Jackson Getaway Carryall ToteTepper Jackson can’t organize your leave or vacation budget, but it can make planning your next trip a little easier with this Getaway Carryall Tote.

The Japanese style Lotus flower print is a fun take on a traditional floral. Pale blue flowers are complemented by modern outlined blooms. This blue color scheme is my favorite, but the same print is also available in a red and brown palette. I’m less impressed by the more traditional floral pattern available, but I can’t fault Tepper Jackson for giving us a few choices.

This Getaway Carryall Tote isn’t the most luxurious on the market. Its material is cheap and cheerful, as we might expect for the price. But it’s got all the features we could ask for and plenty of space. I think it’s amply sized in the regular mode, but you can open up the snaps on the end if you need a bit more room. There’s just a single pocket inside, but that should be enough to keep your small items organized.

I can imagine the Getaway Carryall tote making an excellent piece of hand luggage or serving as your travel bag on a weekend away. And at $119.99, you should have a little more spending money left than you’d expect!

More Features of This Tepper Jackson Floral Travel Tote

  • Full zippered closure
  • Dual handles
  • Measures 5.5 x 25 x 16 inches