“Elle Accessories” Makes a Comeback | Fashion Magazine Rebooted

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Elle Accessories

Elle AccessoriesAfter a four-year hiatus, Elle is rebooting its spinoff magazine Elle Accessories in the United States.

While selected overseas markets have continued to publish the fashion glossy guide focusing on handbags, jewelry, and footwear, American operations closed in 2008 after three years on shelves.

The time seems right for Elle Accessories to enjoy a new lease on life, as luxury fashion has prospered despite the economic downturn.

In 2008 and 2009 these businesses were so stressed,” explained David Carey, president of Elle Accessories’ publisher, Hearst Magazines. “The high end today is very strong at retail and as a result is very strong for the magazines.

It seems key retailers are already embracing the reintroduction of Elle Accessories. Neiman Marcus will run a 12-page insert created exclusively for the fall issue, and it plans further collaborations including online advertising. Neiman Marcus will also have copies of the first issue sent to its most loyal customers.

The revamped Elle Accessories will commence with a fall edition, with twice yearly issues to follow. Some copies will be bundled with Elle’s October issue, while others will be sold as standalone publications in selected stores including Barnes & Noble. In a sign of the times, a digital edition for e-readers and tablets will also be available.

[Source: New York Times]