Studs and Quilting On Trend for Fall Handbag Trends

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It’s all in the details for this season’s handbags. Forget your plain leather purses; studded and quilted bags are leading the way.

Handbags have become the new statement accessories,” said Katie Frayard, manager of Kiki. “Clothes are a backdrop for bags.”

The fringe fad also hasn’t faded, although moderation is key. Keep it soft and delicate unless you want to look like you’ve stepped from a rodeo.

Chain shoulder straps may not be practical, but they’re right on trend. To protect your shoulders, look for handles with leather centers. And this season the longer the straps, the better. That’s right ladies: cross body bags are back. I love when practicality and style work in harmony!

As the leaves change on the trees, so do the favored handbag hues. Purples and violets are big, as are reds and deep pinks. Blue fans should look to lapis and navy, while gray is an “interesting neutral.”

It seems we may also have seen the last of the oversized handbags. While we still love it large, this season’s purses aren’t quite as overwhelming. Slouchy hobos are out and structured purses, including doctor’s bags and satchels, are in.

That’s a lot to take in, but Ms Frayard says it’s not hard to stay current this season. Consider modern classics like the Marc Jacobs Stam bags and iconic Chanel purses. They have the quilted finishes and chain straps you need to stay at the forefront of fall fashions.