Snooki Debuts Handbags | Jersey Shore Purses Launch on HSN

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Snooki Clutch

Snooki ClutchJersey Shore starlet Snooki is offering fans a sneak peek of her first Snooki Handbags collection ahead of its official release later this week.

This accessories line is just what you’d expect from the world’s most famous guidette. Think faux leatherette rather than the genuine article, plenty of animal print, and an overzealous application of metal studs. Clutch purses, satchels, and tote bags are amongst the offerings in the collection. It’s all pretty tacky, but let’s remember that Snooki has never been about high class.

The collection isn’t to my tastes, but it’ll probably appeal to fans of the reality TV star. For them the affordable prices will be the cherry on top. The cheapest purse costs just $34.99, and even the most expensive is still quite reasonable at $59.99. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not driving the prices up simply because their name is attached.

The Snooki Handbags will make their public debut with a two-hour holiday special on HSN this coming Thursday, November 10. Two hours of Snooki spruiking handbags? That seems like overkill to me!

Are you on board with Snooki’s latest foray into the fashion world, or do you wish she’d stick to what she does best?