Roxy So Long Backpack | Soft Cotton Canvas School Bag

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Roxy So Long Backpack

Roxy So Long BackpackRoxy offers a backpack for students and girls on the go with the So Long.

I appreciate the choice Roxy provides here. There’s this pink design for the girly girls, more conservative black and sandstone alternatives and even a wild paisley print. With that many alternatives there should be one to suit everyone, or at least everyone who likes backpacks.

While the accessory style has become high class thanks to The Row’s $39, 000 version, it’s still heavily associated with our school days. This one does nothing to bust our preconceptions. It’s very traditional, and doesn’t attempt to try anything too radical.

It is a good example of a backpack though. I particularly like the cotton canvas material, which has been heavily washed for maximum softness. Its luxuriously large so there’s space for carrying several textbooks, a laptop, and other essentials.

While it’s good, it’s not great though. For $48 we probably wouldn’t expect it to be. Its straps can’t be adjusted to any significant length, and one customer even reported that theirs broke quickly. That old saying that you get what you pay for might hold true here.

More Features of This Roxy Cotton Canvas Backpack

  • Machine washable
  • Faux suede bottom
  • Measures 6 x 17 x 12 inches

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