Roxy Fiddle Li Dee Backpack | Affordable Plaid Surf School Bag

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Roxy heads out of the surf and into the school yard with this Fiddle Li Dee backpack. The bag features the colorful and contemporary prints we expect from the label in an entirely practical package.

The vibrant plaid pattern is printed on 100% polyester, a hard wearing fabric that will stack up to being the punishment kids are wont to dish out. The pink and aqua stripes mean this is probably more appropriate as a girls bag, but it’s not overtly feminine so it won’t offend rebellious teens.

The Fiddle Li Dee is massive, with enough room to handle textbooks, folders, lunchboxes, and stationery. But it never gets overwhelming thanks to the inbuilt organizer. The generous front pocket offers more usable storage space.

Of course, once this baby’s loaded up with homework it’s bound to get heavy. The wide, fabric covered shoulder straps do their best to ease the burden.

But for most moms the real selling point is the price. At just $40, it’s cheap enough to replace once your fickle teen changes their mind!

More Features of This Roxy Plaid Backpack

  • Heart embroidery
  • A keychain with lanyard and charms
  • Measures 18 x 12 x 5.5 inches