Jessica Simpson Woodstock Cross-Body | Synthetic Leather Fringe Bag with Hippie Style

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This handbag by Jessica Simpson is practically oozing with casual, bohemian style. Though I’m sure it’s not intended to inspire hippie-like behavior, it certainly puts me in a laid-back mood.

A fringed bag is nothing new to fashion, but it doesn’t always give out a boho-chic vibe. Sometimes the effect is more Pomeranian than free-spirited, like on the poufy Maddalena Marconi Fringed Evening Bag; but generally the look ends up with the carefree style of this Woodstock tote.

Instead of the typical bottom-hanging fringe, this cross-body bag has four vertical rows of the detail on the front. It’s an interesting, slightly unexpected look when combined with a handful of multi-colored, beaded tassels. If you prefer the standard fringe location, however, the Woodstock also comes in a smaller hobo with the feature.

I wish that the leather on this cross-body could be real. Alas, at only $88, we’re lucky to get a decent imitation. I’m not a huge fan of faux leather fringe, but it really doesn’t look bad on the Woodstock. This Jessica Simpson design also gets some brownie points for having a back zippered pocket and an adjustable strap. I can let a few negatives go for convenient features like that.

More Features of the Woodstock Cross-Body Bag

  • Measures 10.5 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Adjustable strap with 23.5 inch drop
  • Synthetic material
  • Zip top closure