Seltzer’s Eco-Friendly Totes | New York Brand’s Fun Canvas Reusable Shoppers

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Seltzer totes

Seltzer totes

You’d never guess that the bold graphic totes from New York design firm Seltzer are eco-friendly. They look much more modern than any of the hippie bags sold at your local markets. But this company’s products are as green as they come.

Each one is made from sustainable cotton canvas and screenprinted with natural vegetable inks. They’re created in the United States at an ecologically responsible plant. Once crafted, the totes are then wrapped in eco-friendly packaging before being shipped to waiting customers.

Seltzer also creates greeting cards, paper goods, art prints, and other illustrated items to complement its tote collection.

As if its individual efforts weren’t enough, Seltzer also donates a portion of its proceeds each year to Earth Justice, a non-profit organization which uses legal might to protect the world’s natural resources and our rights to a healthy planet.

The cute totes are affordably priced at just $22 each to encourage more people to trade in their plastic bags. Seltzer sells them through selected museum stores, bookstores, and gift shops in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. If you can’t find a stockist near you, you can also buy one from the label’s website.

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