Seltzer totes

Seltzer’s Eco-Friendly Totes | New York Brand’s Fun Canvas Reusable Shoppers

You’d never guess that the bold graphic totes from New York design firm Seltzer are eco-friendly. They look much more modern...
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Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields Wants Forgiveness After Hermes Birkin Murder | Photographer Offers Donation to Family in Need

Photographer Tyler Shields is looking to make amends after he destroyed a crocodile Hermes Birkin bag, reportedly worth $100, 000, with...
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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Donates to FIT | Designer Gives Back to Fashion College

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduate Calvin Klein has given back to the place where he honed his craft. The handbag...
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Authentic Louis Vuitton Purse Donated to Cancer Charity Store

A British Cancer Research shop is hoping to raise more than a thousand pounds, after an anonymous donor dropped off a...
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Hermes Handbag Sold for Peanuts at Scottish Charity Store

A Scottish stylista recently bagged a bargain, after paying just a few hundred pounds for a Hermes handbag. The prized purse...
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