Red Flag Design Recycles Fabrics | Sustainable Sailcloth & Canvas Bags

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Red Flag Design Sailcloth Tote

Red Flag Design Sailcloth Tote

Canadian firm Red Flag Design turns old sailcloth into functional and fashionable handbags and other accessories.

Vancouver natives Barnaby Killam and Stuart Sproule founded the firm in 2004. At that time they just a small shoebox studio and a swag of old sailcloths to work with. From these humble beginnings Red Flag Design grew to create several accessories collections using various recycled materials in a much larger studio, but its principles remain the same.

While Red Flag Design is a sustainable firm, its creators are driven by more than environmental concerns. They appreciate the history of their materials, and celebrate the imprint of its former life with the new designs. Saving fabrics from landfill is simply a bonus.

Red Flag Design’s recycled fabrics are complemented by high quality ropes, zips, grommets, and other hardware. The label uses recycled items where possible, although it carefully inspects each piece to ensure quality isn’t compromised. The designing duo takes a hands-on approach to the manufacturing process which ensures its customers enjoy super craftsmanship.

Red Flag Design’s flagship AUM Sailcloth collection now sits alongside its newer Heavyduty Mark II line made from tough industrial materials and the AUM Recycled Canvas collection. All the bags are available from Red Flag Design’s website.

[Source: Red Flag Design website]