Maggie Kervick’s Condom Handbags | Lifestyles Collaboration I’m Covered Accessories

Posted on: Nov 16

Im Covered BagsWe see many unusual designer collaborations at Bag Bunch, but few are as quirky as this one. New York accessories designer Maggie Kervick has teamed up with Lifestyles condoms to create the I'm Covered accessories line.

The collection features the Dirty Little Skyn make-up bag, the I'm a Slave for Skyn wristlet, and the Living in Skyn tote purse which all seem to be plastered with condom wrappers. The "I'm Covered" interior lining of each purse is kitted out with an individual condom pocket, so you'll always have protection close at hand. The accessories seem like a great way to spread the safe sex message, especially since each one comes with a complimentary box of condoms and a guide to using them correctly.

However I'm not sure everyone will want to carry condom wrapper covered bags. On one hand the bags make a strong statement declaring the wearer takes responsibility for their sexual health. However, the designs are far from subtle, and I'm sure they'd make many prudish purse lovers feel self conscious.

What do you think of this line Bag Bunch readers? Would you carry an I'm Covered purse? If so you can grab one for a limited time at Maggie Kervick's website.

[Source: Racked]
[Image Source: Maggie Kervick's website]

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