Sondra Roberts Lace Flower Minaudiere | Elegant White Floral Decorated Purse

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Sondra Roberts Lace Flower Minaudiere

Sondra Roberts Lace Flower MinaudiereSondra Roberts has made my heart go pitter-patter with this feminine lace flower minaudiere.

This egg-shaped purse appears to be covered with lacey flowers taken from ornamental doilies. Each bloom, even the teeny tiny ones, is dotted with an opalescent bead at the center. The combination of pearls and lacey flowers brings a sweet old-world charm to the futuristically shaped clutch.

This minaudiere’s egg shape isn’t simply about attracting attention; it’s also very ergonomic. The minaudiere will sit neatly in your palm, which is a good thing as Sondra Roberts hasn’t offered us a shoulder strap.

This minaudiere’s shape does limit storage space somewhat, as does its structured design. However I don’t think anyone buys such a clutch expecting practicality. It’ll hold the barest of essentials, but you may need to utilize the deep pockets of your partner for anything more.

The strap is a glaring omission but not entirely a surprising one for the money. At $165 it’s very cheap for a purse so stylish. I think I might have found my Christmas party season purse!

More Features of This Sondra Roberts Floral Minaudiere

  • Push-lock clasp
  • Satin lined interior
  • Measures 7 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches

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