Louis Vuitton Launches Enchanted India Interactive Video | New Racist Ad Campaign Shuns Indian Models

Posted on: Aug 24

Indians Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton's love affair with India continues with the release of its new Enchanted India Interactive ad campaign. The interactive video is a lavish production with director Carter Smith at the helm.

The video takes us around the city of Jaipur and across its famous Amber Fort. The beautiful backdrop is the ideal showcase for Louis Vuitton's travel collection. I can't fault the production at all, but the casting is questionable at best. If the video is meant to be a celebration of India, where are the country's models? All the European beauties seem really out of place in this exotic location. There are a handful of Indians seen, but they're cast as boat drivers, guards, and porters, rather than major players. It may not have been the intent, but it all seems a little bit racist.

The advertising campaign follows the fall 2010 release of the Diwali Collection, which was designed in collaboration with Indian artist Rajeev Sethi. The collection featured installations made up of Louis Vuitton pieces and vintage saris sourced from India's most fashionable cities.

It makes sense to make a play for the Indian market. The country's upper class is growing rapidly, especially as young people educated abroad return home. These switched on young things have plenty of disposable income, and an awareness of the global market. What a heady combination. However Louis Vuitton's execution leaves a lot to be desired here. If it hopes to encourage Indian people to indulge in its accessories, shouldn't its Indian themed advertisements show just that?

[Source: Huffington Post]
[Image Source: Beadwoman/Flickr]

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