Louis Vuitton Celebrates Diwali | Limited Edition Indian Material from French Fashion House

Posted on: Dec 11

DiwaliLouis Vuitton is celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. It might seem like a strange fit for the French fashion house, but the label says it shares India's respect for tradition and enthusiasm for innovation. It's also had a special relationship with the country for almost 100 years.

Louis Vuitton plans to decorate its stores around the world with Indian motifs to commemorate the festival. It has also commissioned Indian craftsman to weave two limited edition Louis Vuitton fabrics. The cloths will feature Louis Vuitton's signature monogram flowers alongside traditional Indian accents. We'll see the materials used in limited edition dresses and accessories.

Look for the Diwali decorations in Louis Vuitton stores until the end of the year. If you're tempted to make a purchase you can look forward to some special limited edition packaging, which also features Indian style motifs.

Have you see any of the Diwali ornaments in your local Louis Vuitton store?

[Source: The Glamazon Diaries]
[Image Source: Sunciti Sundaram/Flickr]

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