Lodis Spring Mix Sydney Wallet | Shimmery Pink Metallic Leather Purse

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Lodis Spring Minx Sydney Wallet

Lodis Spring Minx Sydney WalletLodis adds a bit of sparkle to our everyday with this fun Spring Mix Sydney Wallet.

Its name is a bit of a mouthful, but perhaps the only things you need know is that this is a very pink but very practical purse. That vivid hue is likely to turn off all but the most ardent of girly girls. But if you can embrace your feminine side, you’ll probably flip over the lurid pink hue and shimmery silver overlay.

While I appreciate the Spring Mix Sydney’s aesthetic, I’m most pleased that its appeal goes beyond the surface. Its eight credit card slots might still leave serious shoppers wanting more, but they’re a great start. I also love the two bill compartments, which allow us to separate our paper money from our receipts. There’s also a zippered pocket for holding loose change.

The Spring Mix Sydney is so pretty that it seems a shame to hide it away inside a larger bag. If you agree then why not add the detachable wrist strap? This handy loop helps us easily turn this wallet into a wristlet.

The versatility, superior materials, and pizazz of this Spring Mix Sydney wallet ensure we’re getting our $88 worth.

More Features of This Lodis Metallic Leather Wallet

  • A divided gusseted interior with three sections
  • Zip around closure
  • Measures 1 x 7.8 x 4 inches