Harveys Releases 15th Anniversary Satchel | New Colors & Styles Celebrate Milestones

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Harveys 15th Anniversary Satchel

Harveys 15th Anniversary SatchelHarveys is celebrating its 15th year creating bags from seatbelts with the release of a limited edition purse, a bamboo-handled hobo and some fun new colors.

The 15th Anniversary Satchel is a bit of a blast from the past, as it features the label’s first print, the SeatbeltBug. The creepy crawly pattern is given a modern makeover with Harveys new blue lagoon color. The Anniversary Satchel is pretty reasonable for a bag marking a milestone at just $138.

If you love the lagoon hue but aren’t a fan of the Anniversary Satchel, don’t worry. This new color is available on a range of totes, a wallet, and a make-up case. Bold magenta and black and white patchwork bags in the same shapes are also new this season.

It’s not a limited edition line, but it’d be remiss not to mention Harveys new Bamboo Stella Hobo. While it’s nowhere near as luxurious, the label clearly takes inspiration from Gucci’s bamboo handled bags. It might not be as opulent as a high-end handbag, but the espresso color and distinctive carry strap give it a bit more class than your average Harveys accessory.

The new Harveys bags, including its 15th Anniversary Satchel, are available from a range of boutiques around the world including the label’s online store.