Gucci Monogram Canvas And Leather Shoulder Bag | Classic Equestrian Styled Logo Bag

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Gucci Monogram Canvas And Leather Shoulder Bag

Gucci Monogram Canvas And Leather Shoulder BagGucci, despite the line’s fame, all but disappeared off of the fashion radar for almost a full decade. But they’re back and returning to some of their stylistic roots. This monogram shoulder bag harkens back to some of Gucci’s best work from the 70’s without looking like a total throwback.

I am definitely not the kind of woman that is into logos. I find them distracting and, honestly, sort of a lazy approach to design. But there’s something about the Gucci logo that I just love. Maybe because it was one of the first that became recognizable and so many logos afterwards have just tried to reprint the glory of the double G. In any case, the canvas print on this bag is cool and classic, and combines in a totally groovy way with the medium brown leather on the bag.

This is a classic curvaceous saddlebag shape. Gucci hasn’t changed this design much over the years, and they really don’t need to. It looks good and it wears well for decades. Plus, it’s practical. The flap over front keeps your belongings safe, but the open interior is roomy. I particularly love all the small gold hardware details and the preppy tassels on the front closure.

$1,990 is definitely an investment for most of us. But in this case, it’s an investment worth making on a style that will stay cool forever.

More Features Of The Gucci Monogram Canvas And Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 16″ x 18″ x 5″ size
  • 6″ strap drop
  • Fully lined

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