Fringe’s Free Haircuts | Handbag & Hair Style for One Low Price in New York

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Girl with Fringe

Girl with FringeFringe, a hair salon in Brooklyn, New York, is helping its customers enjoy a whole new look with its innovative business model.

The salon sells handbags, jewelry, and crystal embellished ear buds, and rewards the customers who indulge with complimentary hair services to the same value. For example, someone who purchased $40 worth of fashion accessories would be eligible for a free blow-dry, while another client who indulged in $55 worth of style swag would earn a free haircut.

Fringe’s manager and creative director James Duckett says the concept means customers don’t have to pay for their new do.

We give them the consultation and haircut, and after we bring them over to pick something out for that value,” he explained. “Who doesn’t want a free piece of jewelry?

The business model is also good for independent fashion designers. Fringe stocks the work of accessories artisans from New York and California, including pieces made by some designers in Brooklyn Heights. The goodies stay at $10 and top $330, but charges can’t be accrued or stored up for future visits. So if you indulge in that 14K gold necklace, you’d better get the works done on the day!

With so many beauty salons offering the same services as their competitors, it’s refreshing to see one making an effort to stand out!