Elemental Threads Becomes eThreads.com | New RePurpose Service on Customized Bag Website

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eThreads Bag

eThreads BagEmily Worden helps her customers stand out in the crowd with her customized accessories website eThreads.com. We first learned of the business a few years ago, when it was known as Elemental Threads. However the name isn’t eThreads.com’s only recent change.

Shoppers have total control of the design process, with the power to choose one of more than a dozen handbag silhouettes and from more than 100 fabrics. None of the clothes are particularly luxurious, but there are many different colors, prints, and types available including organic cotton, canvas, corduroy, and brocade. Once the base is decided customers can select their handles, magnetic snap, and the interior lining.

If none of the site’s fabrics speak to you, or you’d just prefer to make a precious item into a purse, then the site’s new rePurpose feature might be for you. This service allows customers to submit their own materials for manufacture. Worden has turned everything from baby blankets to treasured T-shirts into handbags since launching the bespoke service.

Worden says she’s so surprised by the different varieties created she recently added a Design Gallery to the site. Customers can use these past designs as inspiration, or simply buy them as is.

eThreads.com hasn’t done growing either. Worden hopes to add more fabrics to her range, including nylon, leather and suede. With so many fashion labels dictating the trends, it’s refreshing to see a company putting the power back into the hands of its consumers, don’t you think?