Dan W Chevron Minaudiere | Authentic Snakeskin Art Deco Purse

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Dan W Chevron Minaudiere

Dan W Chevron MinaudiereDan W makes a strong style statement with this Chevron Minaudiere. But do you like what it’s saying?

We’ve seen several of these art deco inspired purses from Dan W. Their bold lines and dramatic contrasting colors help them turn heads, but I feel the formula’s been less successful here than in previous models. The arcadia wood trim seems clumsy, and the horn and mother of pearl accents appear tacked on.

It’s a shame the design doesn’t strike a chord, because the Chevron Minaudiere is made from such enviable materials. The exotic wood, buffalo horn, and mother of pearl we noted before is married with authentic snakeskin and a soft velvety lining. Yet despite all those covetable materials, the Chevron Minaudiere only costs $180.

But you can’t buy a bag like this simply because it’s cheap. It needs to look good, because it doesn’t have functional features to endear it. It’s small, and its structured design further limits storage space. We struggle with these restrictions when a purse worms its way into our heart, but when it doesn’t there seems little point.

This Chevron Minaudiere certainly has redeeming elements, but they haven’t come together with the designer’s usual panache.

More Features of This Dan W Art Deco Minaudiere

  • Hand crafted
  • Measures 4 x 8 x 3 inches

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