Handbag Amnesty: Bid for Celebrity Bags and Find a Cancer Cure

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We’ve all lusted after the designer bags carried by Hollywood’s hottest stars. But what if I told you you can own them, and raise money for cancer research at the same time? Sound too good to be true? It’s no fantasy, thanks to Handbag Amnesty.

Handbag Amnesty, a joint initiative by Handbag.com and Cancer Research UK, gives fashion fans the chance to bid on designer purses donated by some of our favorite celebs. America Ferrera’s given up two Botkier bags, Keira Knightley’s donated a chic brown Prada purse, and Scarlett Johansson’s parted with a racy red Rebecca Minkoff handbag.

But it’s not just about celebrity handbags. If you’ve got a beautiful purse collecting dust, why not give it to your local Cancer Research UK store? Your donation will help raise even more money for this incredibly important cause.

We’re delighted to be working with Handbag.com to launch Handbag Amnesty,” said Paul Farthing, Director of High Value Relationships at Cancer Research UK. “We also hope that by encouraging supporters to donate their own favorite handbag, and other unwanted quality items to our shops, we will be able to raise even more to help beat cancer.

Consider this: one in three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. The rest of us will see friends or family members suffer from it. It’s a sobering thought, and one that provides a great motivation to support this brilliant program and help to find a cure.

Celebrity Purses Auctioned Off for Handbag Amnesty

Here are all the beautiful bags you can buy through Handbag Amnesty. Click through the pictures to see purses donated by Dame Judi Dench, Annie Lennox, Kate Bosworth, and many more style icons.


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