The Human Cost of ‘Poverty Fighting’ Celebrities Burning $600,000+ on Handbags!

Posted on: Jun 23

Poverty or Handbag

Hollywood stars would like you to believe they're not as superficial as the glamorous lifestyles they lead. Sure they might make millions, but they love to use that cash to feed starving children and help the homeless.

But you can't change the world if you don't look good first, right? So while the starlets might pledge thousands to their favorite charities, they're spending just as much on the latest designer handbags. Drab outfits might have been OK for Mother Theresa, but today's celebrity saints have a reputation to uphold.

It makes you wonder whether the stars believe in the causes they support, or whether it's all just a cheap grab for publicity. Are they celebrity charlatans using poverty to gloss their image, give them publicity, which subsequently generates them more fame and money to feed a designer shopping addiction?

How can these socially aware stars spend thousands on some arm candy while people in third-world countries are still dying of hunger? Some of these bags are so expensive, they'd easily feed an entire African village.

If you've pledged to help fight poverty how can you justify spending thousands on a designer handbag when that that money could make a huge impact on poverty to hundreds (if not thousands) of people.

Maybe I'm being too harsh on these famous celebrities but when you look at how much they've spent and how that money could have been used to fight poverty it makes you question their motives. Just take a look at these examples of "poverty fighting" celebs and their excessive handbag spending:

Angelina Jolie and Zahara Show Off Matching Valentino Purses

Angelina Jolie

Image source: The Purse Blog
Angelina Jolie is the poster child for celebrity do-gooders. She's a United Nations ambassador, and her Jolie-Pitt Foundation helps humanitarian causes all around the world. She also likes to adopt orphans from poverty-stricken nations, like adorable Zahara.

Back in Africa, Zahara could never afford this kiddy-sized Valentino Histoire handbag. Of course Mommy Jolie has the grown up version, which set her back $1695. I can't imagine how much this custom made mother-daughter pair is worth, but I'm sure the charities would love a piece of it!

Madonna's $471,000 Chanel Purse Helps Charity


Image source: The Purse Forum
Madonna was so moved by a visit to the African country of Malawi, that she brought back a child. She also joined the Raising Malawi Advisory Committee, and she works tirelessly to provide food, clean water, medical care, and schooling to the struggling nation's orphans.

She also likes to spoil herself. At one point she owned a black Chanel alligator bag encrusted with 334 diamonds. The Material Girl recently sold the bag at a charity auction, raising $471,000, so does that make her splurging OK? I just can’t help wondering what other exorbitant accessories she still has in her closet.

Beyonce Bags Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Monstrosity

Beyonce Knowles

Image source: The Purse Blog
Beyonce Knowles is so committed to fighting poverty that she supports Oxfam and The Lunchbox Fund. Yet somehow she still managed to find a spare $42,000 to pick up one of the 24 limited edition Louis Vuitton Tribute patchwork bags. Surely you could feed an entire African nation for that price!

The saddest part of it all is just how hideous the handbag is. I can almost understand dropping thousands on something really beautiful, but this LV purse is so incredibly tacky!

Kate Moss Wants to Make Poverty History, Sort Of

Kate Moss

Image Source: The Purse Blog
Kate Moss was one of the star snappers in the massive Make Poverty History campaign. But you have to wonder whether it was just one big publicity stunt, because the British model seems as self obsessed as ever. How else can you explain spending $13,895 on a Mulberry Bayswater alligator bag? At least she looks hot while she's saving the world, right?

Victoria Beckham's $114,000 Birkin Obsession

Victoria Beckham

Image source: Trend 911
Victoria Beckham has given special performances and donated prized possessions to raise funds for her favorite charity, Children in Need. But just think how many needy children could benefit if she’d part with her beloved Birkins!

This particular pink ostrich purse costs more than $20,000. Her entire collection is reportedly worth $114,000. That's a whole lot of Hermes! Add to that the Giambattista Valli, Oscar de la Renta, and Marc Jacobs Posh loves so much and the dollars really start to add up!

Mischa Barton Saves the Children With the Change From Her Shopping Sprees

Mischa Barton

Image source: Just Jared
Socially conscious Mischa Barton feels so passionately about ending poverty, she's an ambassador for Save the Children and One Water. But just think how much clean water she could have sent to Africa instead of dropping $5790 on this Gucci Indy bag. It may be cute, but there's no way a purse is worth that much. I'm sure those thirsty Africans agree!

Lindsay Lohan Joins the Birkin Brigade

Lindsay Lohan

Image source: Bag Bliss
She may have hung with Paris and Britney, but Lindsay Lohan isn't just another vapid Hollywood starlet. She’s also got a social conscience. She's worked tirelessly to promote Bono's ONE campaign, and she's even gone hands-on with a trip to Kenya.

But do you think Li-Lo considered the Kenyans before she spent $12,750 on this Blue Jean Birkin? My car doesn't even cost as much as this Hermes handbag!

Pamela Anderson's Another Hermes Lover

Pamela Anderson

Image source: The Purse Page
I'll bet you thought Pamela Anderson was just another busty blonde bimbo, right? But apparently that's not the whole story. She's also a social activist who devotes a lot of time and money to Feed the Children.

But when you're attending those charity galas you need a beautiful handbag to look your best. This Hermes Haut a Courrois does the trick at a cost of $9000. Those starving kids could experience fine dining rather than the white goop with that sort of money!

Heidi Klum's Extravagant YSL Handbag

Heidi Klum

Image source: The Purse Page
Heidi Klum was very vocal about the Raise Your Voice Against Poverty campaign, proudly wearing her white armband on the cover of Vanity Fair. But was this social activism just a way for Heidi to make the front page? Because this $5000 Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Muse she’s toting doesn't say "I care about fighting poverty." It says "I care about looking sexy, and if I have to support the slaughter of ostriches and spend a few thou to do is, so be it."

Nicole Richie's $18,000 Balenciaga Bag Addiction

Nicole Richie

Image source: Fashionista
Finally we've got everyone's favorite spoiled little rich girl, Nicole Richie. She'd like us to believe her work with UNICEF means she's got a soul, but we know the truth. All that's just a way to get in to those fancy shmancy dinners!

If she'd really like to help fight poverty, perhaps she could offload some of those Balenciaga bags she's so obsessed with. Nicole reportedly has twelve of the luxury handbags including Part Timers, Weekenders, and City purses. All that adds up to more than $18,000. $18,000! It's not quite up to Posh's standards, but it's more than any socially responsible girl would spend!

Perhaps these celebs should check out these designer replicas. They'd allow the stars to have all the style of the pricy purses they adore at a fraction of the cost. They could donate the thousands they'd save to some of those charities they love so much!

17 Responses

  1. JimmyDeen Says:

    What a joke. And we wonder why it costs $40 bucks for 2 people to go see a stupid movie. Must be nice to have money to burn.


  2. Craig Says:

    Dude, most these celebrities get that stuff for free …

  3. Jenny Says:

    There’s a big difference between buying a moderately priced handbag to spending $10,000+ on a handbag

    I think the point is that its contradictory to tell others to fight against poverty then spend excessive amounts on a designer bag when you could have spent a fraction of the cost to get a bag that serves the same purpose and is still very fashionable.

    Fighting poverty is often about sacrifice – giving up something for the benfit of others – there’s only so much to go round.

    It seems hypocritical to me for someone who can benefit hugely from the publicity of ‘fighting poverty’ & is already very rich to outwarly tell people and encourage people to fight poverty but yet outwardly show they are not prepared to make the same sacrifice (by spending $10,000+ on a handbag) that they are urging the wider public to make.

    If celebs don’t want to get caught up in being labelled a hypocrite then they can just as well donate anonymously.

  4. jessica Says:

    most of these bag companies give the celebrities these bags for free so to promote their products.

  5. Brachinus Says:

    Let’s see if I have this straight.

    There are celebs who buy lavishly expensive things and also give time and money to efforts to help the poor.

    And there are celebs who buy lavishly expensive things and don’t do diddly squat to help the poor.

    And you’ve chosen to publicly shame the ones who do something to help.

    And the logic here would be … ?

  6. HannahS Says:

    AND this site sells / encourages others to buy handbags… sorry, your point is what exactly?

  7. Some Guy Says:

    HOld on… YOu have a whole website about an utterly trivial subject, and you’re complaining about a rich woman buying a handbag instead of giving that amount of money away, when you know full well that she already does give away more money to charity in a year than you will ever earn in your entire useless, snivelling life?

    It doesn’t make me question their motives, but it makes yours crystal clear, you stupid, jealous little git.

  8. peter Says:

    What’s the use of having all that money if you can’t spend it?

    And who the hell are you to tell people how to spend their money?

  9. spostareduro Says:

    i understand that by selling these products yourself, you too are promoting this sort of unethical behavior with the celebs that are smitten by the glam bags.

    but the fact remains that this article, in and of itself, was of use in making others aware of the ways people (celebs, you, whoever) use ethics or similar concepts as a marketing tool.

    i am not persuaded of your ethics, but i ma persuaded to see where ethics is used to promote unethical marketing/branding.

    thanks for the read.

  10. Christine Says:

    Sure there is poverty, And the celebs do give to charity, and with all the money that has been sent to the third world countries from all over the world, if it got to the right people there would not be that much poverty, but it goes into the wrong hands. How much can one give if it is not getting to the right people? And the Celebs do have to work for what they get, and it is THEIR money after all, they are not asking for charity! If you want something you WORK for it!

  11. Zach Says:

    The top of this article says that the celebrities donate to charity…if they still have enough money to blow just as much on an expensive bag, its their money to blow.

    People need to stop crying about how much money celebrities give. They earned it.

  12. Anni Says:

    this is ridiculous celebs should give money to charity, theres enough money and food to go around the world. Some people are just being selfish!

  13. Summer Says:

    I understand where all of this is coming from but… Think about this.. You buy a $6,000 wedding ring yet you flip the channel when Feed The Children comes on. Do not let your income excuse you from the same indiscretions as celebrities!

    You do not work all day to feed another country. You work to provide for yourself and your family, to enjoy certain activities, and to give back! They may can give more but all of us have the ability to give more!

    They have more money correct but they donate thousands while you donate old t-shirts and refuse to pay 50 cent a day to feed a child but buy a soy latte for $4 and extra foam for 50 cent. Im sorry but someone could use that foam if you know what I mean! Hypocracy is disgusting!

  14. Citizen Says:

    Great post! I used to buy luxury goodss until I woke up, and saw how greedy I had become. Having a handbag that’s worth thousands of dollars isn’t showing off status or style, it says “i don’t care about starving people nearly as much as I love myself” some people are fine with that i guess.

    either way, thanks for putting up this site, you arent alone

  15. aikanae Says:

    I don’t think there’s anything that brings this home more than not being able to get life-saving medical care (with insurance) because they weren’t able to afford the few thousands in co-pays – after being pushed to bankruptcy by paying for previous medical treatment.

    Once you walk in those shoes, your perspective changes.

    Less than 10% of the population holds 90% of the wealth. IMF (Int’l Monetary Fund) doesn’t allow debtor nations to invest in infrastructure such as health care, schools, water or sewerage systems. They believe that should be done through private corporations – which locals can’t afford.

    Think about it. The U.S. is one of the world’s largest debtor nations now.

    So yeah, paying thousands for a pair of jeans or designer bag DOES make a difference and that difference is what we saw in New Orleans during Katrina, in tent cities outside of every major metro area and with children graduating with the educational level of a third grader with no concept of the Constitution.

    Welcome to the third world country of the U.S.A. Does it matter?

  16. Jorge Says:

    Everyone is a hypocrit. Me being on the internet and having a laptop is horrable if you think about it. You can’t bitch if you own a new flat screen tv or if you have a lot of the new stuff and go shopping constantly. Any extra dollar that we dont use on food, home, and cloathes could help someone else. Personally I do think that celebrities are helping in something because there are many more people that could give but they will probably never donate in their lives.

  17. jaybee Says:

    I agree 100% with this site. I am a person who works hard, lives within a small income, and tries to save money. I could afford nice things but DO NOT buy them. So it kills me when I see that celebrities spend more per month than what the average american spends PER YEAR. They didn’t “work hard” for their money. They make it off of us and we’re stupid for supporting them. I think its so good that they give to charities. They’re not evil. But even if they cut their spendage by half, and donated that, they could SOLVE world hunger. And still have plenty of bags and shoes and cars. I have a problem with celebrities because they’re so idolized, but for what?! Give me an actress who shops at wal mart, or drives a $20,000 dollar car or lives in a normal sized home. Give me a celebrity who will join the navy because they love our country and want to fight for us and do something REAL with their life. I would have nothing but respect for them.

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