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Posted on: Jun 9

Most often when artists use Louis Vuitton handbags in their works they're making a statement against consumerism. Think Nadia Plesner and her Darfur awareness piece Darfunica or R. Lloyd Ming and his provocative sculpture The Crucifix. Now Billie Achilleos has turned the French fashion house's purses into art, and it's with Louis Vuitton's blessing.

The Louis Vuitton press department approached Chameleon Visual Limited to create four bespoke LV animals for this year's fall/winter media events. The creative firm commissioned Achilleos for the project, and the results are stunning.

The British artist made the animal sculptures entirely from Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories. They celebrate the 100th anniversary of Louis Vuitton's SLG Savoir Faire line. They look spectacular, but I'm particularly impressed with the aspects of the bags represented by each animal. There's the chameleon for Louis Vuitton's vivid color palette, the grasshopper mimicking the sounds of closing zippers and press-studs, the ever practical beaver, and the tough as nails armadillo.

If you were wondering how on earth Achilleos could create such amazing artworks from Louis Vuitton handbags, you're in luck. This video takes us behind-the-scenes of the creative process, and gives real insight into the construction of these masterpieces.

These are some amazing, not to mention expensive, works of arts!

[Source: The Purse Blog]

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