R. Lloyd Ming’s Louis Vuitton “The Crucifix” Art Sells to Collector

Posted on: May 3

A few months ago we wrote about R. Lloyd Ming's controversial artwork, The Crucifix. The sculpture saw Ming cut up thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton Alma bags.

The piece might seem sacrilegious to Christians and bagistas everywhere, but Ming insists he didn't intend to offend. Instead he was simply making a statement about the idea of salvation through materialism.

"It is inspired by the new wealth in China," he explained. "But it can also refer to America or any consumer-driven society."

It might have had its critics, but the notorious piece has found a place in the heart of a British art collector. Mr. Ming won’t divulge the price the buyer paid, but he would say "It wasn't cheap."

"But it should have been more. The buyer got a good deal; however with this economy all buyers of contemporary art are getting good deals right now. I guess I should feel fortunate that I sold anything at all because many artists are not selling."

I'm sure Louis Vuitton lovers also agree that he was lucky to offload such a contentious artwork too!

[Source: eMediaWire]

Louis Vuitton Alma Bags on eBay

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  1. Louis Vuitton Crucifix | iGNANT Says:

    [...] Das Crucifix von R. Lloyd Ming besteht aus 12 Louis Vuitton Taschen im Gesamtwert von 12.000 Dollar: “The work is called Vuitton Crucifix and it is a commentary on the new wealth and materialism that has been created in China. However it can also refer to America and many other societies. As a result of China’s capitalist revolution the ranks of the rich and middle class are growing. However, capitalism often produces a culture of insecurity, were people can only find a sense of self worth or salvation through possessions and materialism. The Vuitton Crucifix sculpture is a reaction to this culture.” Via [...]

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